Byblos Drive Yards Navy (BDYN)

The tasks of the Byblos Drive Yards Navy 

The fleet, navy personnel and marines of the Byblos Drive Yards Navy are deployed in space with the interests of ensuring security in space and from space. The BDYN is capable of carrying out independent operations and joint operations with international Allies. The BDYN is deployed both at home and abroad for crisis management operations.

Security in space

The protection of shipping routes and hubs in space is essential for unhampered trade and safe transport. The BDYN also intercepts smuggler transports and combats piracy, human trafficking, gun running and terrorism. To that end, BDYN carry out patrols and boarding and blockade operations.

BDYN provide security and gather intelligence in space areas throughout the galaxy. Closer to home, the Navy is also regularly deployed to carry out search-and-rescue operations and to patrol systems.

Security from space

Units of the BDYN can be deployed from space in order to carry out independent land operations or in support of other land operations. They do this by:

  • transporting troops, vehicles, ammunition, food and water;
  • providing medical and humanitarian assistance;  
  • gathering intelligence using, among other things, advanced sensors;
  • providing fire support.

To facilitate these operations, the BDYN has the capability of setting up temporary space station. A  temporary space station acts as a centre for operational command and control. A space station is entirely self-sufficient, with its own medical facilities, medical freighter, drop ship and technical support.

The BDYN in its own territories 

At home in its own system, the Navy, makes an important contribution to society at large. The Navy:

  • supports its citizens and carries out search-and-rescue operations; 
  • combats terrorism; 
  • carries out space exploration for making navigational charts.